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Amazing natural disasters

Amazing natural disasters

Natural disasters are the impact of natural hazards on people and live set. There are a number of natural disasters, we may here be noted that only the most destruction lives of people and wildlife.

Tornado The Tornado funnel-shaped wind that spins in circles at high speed while moving, and the surface of land or sea, often changing its course kretanja.Tornada are formed in the storms around the world, and are due to mixing of hot and cold air in the atmosphere . When the cloud collisions in the flow of warm air that rises from the ground surface to the atmosphere with the flow of cold air downward, the cloud begins to rotate and the pull of gravity in the form of a funnel is lowered to the ground. Diameter of the funnel may be a few meters to 2 km, a height of up to 1 km. Wind speed in the vortex can be up to 500 km / h. Tornado can take from several minutes to an hour. While moving sucks everything before it goes anywhere, and leaves a desert, and in our language called leeches.

Hurricane wind is blowing with speeds exceeding 119 km / h. Formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and then varying intensity hit the southeastern part of the United States and countries in the Caribbean. To be developed need warm ocean, humidity and a slight breeze that mixed together to create a major hurricane spiral, in which the center is a quiet part of which is called the “eye”. Depending on the hurricane wind speeds are divided into five categories. The most dangerous Category 5 hurricane, in which the wind blowing over 250 km / h. He demolished buildings, worn roofs and all residents who live near the coast (up to 15 miles away) have to temporarily move out.

An earthquake is shaking the earth’s crust that occurs is caused by movement of tectonic plates, the movements of the Earth’s crust or the appearance of shock, which causes release of large amounts of energy. Earthquakes occur frequently in small areas of land or ocean floor, but their strength is small so that there is no strong shaking of the country. Minor earthquakes occur as a result of volcanic eruptions, collapsing caverns and underground chambers, and various explosions, deep wells and nuclear testing in the nature of people. Place in the countryside where most energy is released is called sesmic focus, a point on the earth’s surface where the quake, and most feel that is directly above hipocentra called epicenter. In addition to landslides on the mainland, causing earthquakes and poktetanje large amounts of water in the seas and oceans.

Tsunamis are large waves caused by sudden movement of large amounts of water in the seas and oceans. They live out of underwater volcanic eruptions and earthquakes underwater. When a strong earthquake whose epicenter was at the bottom of the sea, the seabed vertically moves a few meters causing a sudden jump in the water and creating waves moving toward shore at speeds up to 900 km / h. On the high seas where the great depth of the sea depth does not feel the tsunami. Only when the first wave reaches the shallow waters close to shore, there is a tsunami effect. Then there was a sudden decrease in speed of the waves, but also to nagliog increase his height, up to several tens of meters. The first wave that hit the coast is the largest and most devastating.

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