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Does Sex in Advertising Sell Just About Everything

Does Sex in Advertising Sell Just About Everything

Holy… This world is going crazy. This is not something new actually. Two casket-making companies launched new campaigns and they are competing on the market with their bizzare idea. A calendar with title “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, has sparked controversy in Catholic Poland in a last few months. A Warsaw church PC Fr Tadeusz Rybnik said: “This is simply tasteless and shocking. Death is not sexy and the connotations presented in this calendar are disturbing to say the least.”

When we are all ready there was a company and what ideas they have to ask who is the next step. How will it look if advertising and marketing for a new product. Companies and companies engaged in the sale of production and are ready at all, with pleasure, nothing else left us but to wait for their next marketing step.

Marketing can be represented through the four-step process that begins by analyzing and defining the “universe” of potential users or customers. After the first phase of the marketing process follows the process of distraction (en: Attention, Awareness) users who are ready to purchase, the “universe” of the target population.

In the third phase of the system affects the potential to be interested (in: Interest) and adopt (desire – en: Desire) existing concepts or offers that are designed based on the marketing activities of the organization. Finally, the success of the previous three phases should lead to the transition of potential buyers in “real” customers through activities carried out to potential users to do the desired action (in: – the purchase, call, download documents, subscription, membership, sales, etc..

Presented a four-step process of attention, interest, desire, action, which usually refers to the beginning of the marketing process for a product, service or organization. Most of the current marketing processes in organizations related to the task of keeping regular clients through the activities of creating relationships with customers, improve customer service, better presentation of product benefits and services, and so on.

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