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Weird snow phenomenon

Weird snow phenomenon

Snow rollers are very rare meteorological phenomenon. Snowy weather this unusual phenomenon is obtained when the snow with wind shapes the snow roller. So naturally formed snow pack look. Cylindrical in shape, and are often hollow, similar to when children make snowman and rolling balls of snow. The inner layer, which is formed during the first snow of this phenomenon are rather weak and thin compared to the outer layer of snow so that the cylindrical snow formations can easily blow off. Snow rollers are formed under the influence of drop snow and strong wind speed, snow this phenomenon occurs mainly in North America and northern Europe.

Weird snow

These snow formation may be of different size than the size of a tennis ball up to half a meter in height – depending on how strong the wind is blowing and how smooth surface imekana snega.Zemljina gravity can also help in forming snow rollers. Frank Barrow, a meteorologist described the exact scientific definition of cylindrical snow formacija.Formiranje this phenomenon meteroloŇ°kog snow – snow begins to roll with a thick layer of snow, with snow from the surface which is on the border¬† for general outdoor temperatures such strong sunca.Gornji snow layer becomes slightly sticky and then the further formation of snow rollers vetar.Tako need a very strong wind blowing in the soft layer of snow is “removed” and begin to form snow rollers that slowly “moving”, until the number of snow layers is not too hard when you stop.

Weird phenomenon

Weird snow phenomenon

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