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Biggest Spider Crabs in the World

Biggest Spider Crabs in the World

The Giant Japanese Spider King Crab Legs has dubbed Crabs Kong by staff in the UK aquarium, after being recognized as the largest in captivity. The monster from the deep – which measures 3m across and weighs 15kg – was originally caught in Japan fishermen working in Suraga Bay, southwest of Tokyo. However, rather than sell it to a local restaurant, the fishermen called UK-based biologist Robin James, who visited the village a few weeks ago. He then organized a colossal crustacean that spared the pan and be shipped to the Sea Life Centre in Veimouth. To go to the fair, you understand that we’re not on the menu.
Staff say Crab Kong is probably about 40-years old and will be a temporary exhibit of star attractions in Dorset, before being moved to a new permanent home in Munich.
They added that they expect him to be an even bigger draw than the previous biggest crab, Crabzilla.

Crab, named Macrocheira kaempferi in Latin, was caught by fishermen in the Pacific Ocean and is now imported to Britain, where he went on display at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

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