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Flying Disc Dog Sport

Flying Disc Dog Sport

The sport originated 1970th that year the sport has become very popular Frisbee. 5th August 1974th Akejs Stein and his dog were on one If a baseball game when the A; els Stein threw a frisbee on the field and his dog rushed and at high speed is a high-jumped and grabbed the Frisbee. Bublik was delighted with catching frisbees. Stein was arrested for interfering with the game. Television has now published an incredible jump and catch frisbee dog door leaf.

Stein soon began to promote the sport with Irv Lander and Eldon Mcintitr to the present day.

A team made ​​up of one person and one dog. Point receive depending on the distance ugvacenog disk. As a further distance the greater the score.

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