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Funny Parrot

Funny Parrot

Learn more about parrots. Did you know that the world’s 375 species of parrot exist. Parrots can be divided into three families: the Psittacidae true parrots, cockatoos and Cacatuidae Strigopidae New Zealand parrot. repeaters can not find only at certain places on the sites that have Answering carpets for their lives. best for parrots tropical and subtropical areas. Australia, Oceania, South and Southeast Asia, southern parts of North America, South America and Africa. Parrots feed on seeds, nuts, fruits, shoots and other plant foods.

Some species feed on insects and small animals. Laurie subfamily of the parrots that are specialized for feeding flower nectar and soft fruits. Almost all parrots nest in hollow trees, lay white eggs from which hatch chicks in need of care. Here you can see how Parrot can learn to speak almost as a man. and you can see some beautiful photographs of these beautiful birds.

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