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Monkey Training Karate

Monkey Training Karate

This monkey exercises karate with your teacher. On this training in karate discipline and shows great talent for martial arts such as karate. For learning karate takes a lot of effort and time you will see that this monkey fight for a few years is likely to be stronger than many people.

Karate or Karatedo is a martial art originating from Japan. In literal translation, kara means empty (bare) or Chinese (by way of excuses), and arm or hand, then empty hand, and thought how to defend or fight “without weapons in their hands.” The emergence of karate is linked to the ancient martial arts of Okinawa Island, Century 19, where they intermarried with the local traditions of Chinese and Japanese influences. In the early 20th century karate arrives in Japan, and after the Second World War has spread around the world.




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