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The biggest bug in the world – Titan beetle

The biggest bug in the world – Titan beetle

Right at the beginning to say that they are afraid of cockroaches that do not read the text or to look at the pictures (and believe you have already viewed)! The real name of this insect is a gigantic Titanus giganteus, or Titan Beetle, it is a giant in the world of insects, or rather one of the largest insects in the world. Titan beetle normally lives in the rain forests of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and north – central Brazil. Adults of this insect species can grow up to 16.7 cm!


They have incredibly long and strong jaws that are capable of wooden pencils section in half! Now just imagine what you can do for your fingers. Fortunately, this scary cockroaches insects that are completely harmless to humans. Titan Beetle is one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth. She lives quietly deep in some of the warmest tropical South American rainforests, adults are active for a few weeks and most of the time in searching for partners.


The larvae of this amazing insect has never been found, but according to some findings and how scientists believe larvae feed on rotting trees that fall to the ground. Titan beetle if they feel threatened enemy warning hiss and use their large jaws that bite attackers and sharp claws that can literally can break through the meat.

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