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The loudest animal in the world

The loudest animal in the world

At the beginning you say that we as a people (relative to their size) occupy only the No. 10 measured with the loudest sound of 129 decibels. As far as the volume is loudest bat Bulldog bat in the world that people know. These bats use extremely loud sound over 140 dB, to track the movement of fish in the water (echolocation). But our human happiness, we do not hear this sound that we otherwise could permanent hearing the sound that emits ultrasonic bulldog bat, or that he was discharged at a frequency beyond human hearing.

Crickets are next on the scale after the bulldog bat, the most powerful sound to them and he measured it at 120 dB, this volume can be heard at a distance of 2.4 km. The sound of crickets used to confuse birds, cicadas emit sounds that bounce off nearby objects, thus creating an echo which confuses predators, preventing them from accurately locate crickets

Lions roar strength of up to 114 dB, and the noise can be heard at a distance of 8 km. The howling of wolves, these fearsome predators screaming intensity to 90 dB, which is quieter than Maria Sharapova. But that was still the loudest animals of all animals in the world? We have the answer we can say parts: generally the loudest and most vocal animal in relation to its size.


The title for the loudest sound on the planet definitely belongs whale, sperm whale (Physeter catodon lat). These whales can grow up to 18 feet and heavier than 50 tons! These whales produce the volume of 230 decibels, the loudest measured was 236 dB. 230 decibels underwater equivalent to 170 decibels on land. Metaphorically speaking it is the same like when you rifle fired meter away from your ear.


Tiger pistol shrimp (Alpheus bellulus) small animal that grows only about 4-5 inches, and it is therefore able to produce a sound of 200 decibels!  Tiger pistol shrimp uses this incredibly loud sound that stunned his prey or a potential attacker, produced it with his pliers. When ‘breaks’ claws, shrimp create a bubble in that split second it reaches the surface temperature of the sun!


The loudest animal relative to its size. However, if you measure the volume in relation to the size of the animal, then it is a male Micronecta Scholtz, a small water beetle the size of 2 mm. They usually live in freshwater lakes across Europe, producing sound as loud as 99.2 decibels whole train! Although almost all of the volume lost on the way from water to air, people walking by the lake can hear Micronecta Scholtz wondering which part of the body creates so incredibly loud – your penis! Male rubs his penis belly of a rough surface, and thus noise of 99.2 dB!



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