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Unusual Phenomenon in Pakistan

Unusual Phenomenon in Pakistan

An amazing phenomenon that occurred in the area of ​​Sindh in Pakistan. After major floods that hit Pakistan 2010th The observed is an amazing phenomenon. Spiders that were before the flood now crawling on the ground were forced to climb the trees and the trees are woven a remarkable large number of spiders’ webs. Now the spiders made ​​their new home.This flood of lost life is a lot of people, a large number of houses were destroyed also looded is a very large area of ​​the country.Pakistan reduced the number of cases of malaria due to spiders that have woven a net around the whole tree.


  1. The Hand That Bites

    Hmmm….should that kid really be that close?

  2. This happen after the flood I think, as what I’ve read in news.

  3. from what i remember this was catapillers after a flood…

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