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Amazing design of police shoes

Amazing design of police shoes

We know that civilians are not allowed to wear certain uniforms such as those of the police force , but here’s something that the fashion police wouldn’t mind seeing – the conceptual 3D Stiletto Police. It is a pair of stilettos that have the outer decals of a patrol car and not only that, it has LED lights which turn on and off, shining blue and red lights all around to warn bad boys to keep their hands off you. Would be great if it came with its own set of sirens as well.

Some of you no doubt like to dress up and perhaps a future-cop may be part of your repertoire.

If The Fashion Police had a regulation shoe to wear as part of our uniforms, these would probably be those shoes.

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  1. Where can I purchase these for the police mans ball coming up in Feb of 2014. Please let me know. Would love to own a pair. Thanks.

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