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Amazing Lasso slippers

Amazing Lasso slippers

These amazing slippers created by Gaspard Tine-Berès & Ruben Valensi. The Lasso team consists of two young Parisians. Gaspard is a product designer who recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, he is now working between London and Paris. Ruben is a student in business and marketing in Paris.


Amazing Lasso slippers

Constructed from a single piece of wool felt, these slippers bring a whole new meaning to the word minimalist. Slippers are made ​​of nothing but natural materials including leather, cotton, and the aforementioned vunom.Lasso comes completely flat and can easily be put together with the projected lace. That we can add you to choose whatever color you want.  More about the product Kickstarter.


Amazing Design slippers

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