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Art with old shoes

Art with old shoes

Gwen Murphy is a great artist who breathes new life into old shoes, turning them into fashion accessories from the intricate works of art. Since then, she was a girl, Gwen loved to look at the shoes and found that they were staring at her again, each pair has its own character and personality. Depending on the model and how they are worn out, some shoes sometimes look sleepy, cranky, or second hard, some even look like they are singing.

Young Gwen sees it as kind of being made ​​entirely of pairs of identical twins, a fascination with shoes stayed with her until adulthood. Now, it is more expensive pair of worn shoes and trying to bring out their personality, by literally giving them a face. It uses ash and clay, acryl    ic paint to create a boring-out eyes, long face and pouting lips, and give each pair a unique entity that expresses its unique character.

Indian slippers have an exotic look, wooden shoes look blissful and primitive, and high heel shoes have something of an arrogant look.

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