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How to look like muscles in animals

How to look like muscles in animals

Held an exhibition of plastic animal figures showing the appearance of animals without skin. On this exhibition Dr. Gunther von Hagens presented over 100 different species of animals. Each of these animals was no clear skin and you could see in every little muscle. increased animal figures were made ​​of plastic, to produce these figures should be a very long time.

Gunther von Hagens (born Gunther Liebchen, January 10, 1945) is a controversial German anatomist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called plastination.

Von Hagens has developed new body sectioning methods that yield very thin slices, which can then be plastinated. The slices can be used for anatomy studies. He is also developing similar techniques for larger specimens such as an elephant. He works in a laboratory concealed, with an entrance behind a movable staircase, where he developed his wafer plastination techniques.

Animal Revue raises huge technical challenges for Dr. von Hagens and his plastination team. “Samba” with his size of 6 meters and 3.5 meters, the biggest being that Dr. von Hagens has ever plastinated – three hard copies as needed automobile.zaštite 64,000 hours, four tons of silicone and 40,000 liters of acetone.

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