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Incredible Makeup Art Turns Eyelids into Storybook Scenes by Tal Peleg

Incredible Makeup Art Turns Eyelids into Storybook Scenes by Tal Peleg

It endless possibilities. Makeup can feel glamorous and beautiful most solemn day of your life, and just everyday life. Make-up can dramatically change the face of the player and allow him to enter the character played. Makeup can be a decorative element colorful, interesting and light, it can be bleak and dark, is a wonderful way of expression, and can pass through the meanings and messages.
I’m a painter and aesthetics, because I can not remember, makeup field transition was inevitable for me, and during the years of love only intensified. I finished school composition Iarina Shahaf honors, specializing in all areas, including special makeup effects, and works non-stop and I enjoyed every makeup and makeup. In addition, I work in graphic design and photography, often combining different areas, each adds value to both. I would be happy to provide their services in all areas of professional makeup and pass on some of my great love for this art.


Legend tells of a prince who could not find a princess who suits him to marry her , and he is not convinced that women find it really authentic principality ( picky guy ) . One night, rainy and windy, walked into court a girl in torn clothes to find shelter from the rain . Since her appearance was not particularly representative , at the very least – the Prince did not believe her to PrincessĀ as she claims . How to check if a princess ? The girl spent the night on a huge pile of mattresses placed on the bottom of the queen , the prince ‘s mother , a pea . The Queen has argued that self-governments princess feel pea through all the mattresses and upholstery . When the next morning spoiled princess complained that there is a right and something bothers her , he knew that this prince princess – they happily married ever since , thanks to a pea , which was placed respectfully in the Royal Museum.


After midnight . It was time to go to sleep . But my head is busy with a million other things … my thoughts are important or less important . And even though we’re really late , the last thing you want to do is go to sleep . Quite unlike those mornings when the last thing you want to get out of the bed. The story of our lives .
So I start to do the makeup , it’s a bit silly given hour, and considering that the makeup that requires patience and a chance that I will lose it pretty fast and high . But still … If you do not count sheep in bed , then pull out and count sheep in my eye.


I painted the lid white to resemble rice (I painted it intentionally unevenly and with spots of gray to receive texture which is similar to rice), and his intestines drawn silhouette salmon with Ember. And so my eye has become a Nigerian fresh. Yummy. In addition, I drew two rollers sushi. I used the usual black water color painting algae. To give algae the right fabric to see more realistic, I added some white paint mixed with green (algae have Greenish Lightning) at the center, and a slight touch of gloss. It gave rollers volume and shine reminiscent of their original luster.


As someone who deals with and studied painting and illustration , design and makeup – I’m glad that I have the opportunity to integrate these disciplines together, because I’m really having a hard time to choose between them. Makeup allows me to B”knoos ” different than usual – eye / face painting and illustration give me the technique and artistry and hand posture, and four years of design studies tie me stronger – stronger form of conceptual thinking … behind every creation has a concept / inspiration .
Anyone following my work probably know many of them pass through the border of makeup ” wearable ” – conventional , but somewhere on the border between illustration makeup …







Tal Peleg

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  1. mind blowing stuff……really amazing……..thanks.

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