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Incredible Swiss socks instead of shoes

Incredible Swiss socks instead of shoes

Are you a former abundant tried to exit onto the street only in socks and shoes or wear socks anger. If you try to wear shoes without socks you are likely to feel very uncomfortable. If you ever tried to walk on the street just in socks probable you feel the fear that the injection site in addition to fear and something you feel very uncomfortable  you look very strange funny and others.

Barefoot from the Swiss company has produced an incredible sock. These socks are spandex 8 percent, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester and 52 percent of  kevlar . In case you did not know, Kevlar is extremely strong material used in making everything from bicycle tires with body armor racing sails. Bottom of the socks are also covered with plastic laminate to make them more cut resistant.
The main selling point of these socks is that they are resistant to cutting, allowing you to walk barefoot as close as possible to take care of yourself cutting of dangerous objects. Imagine being able to walk around the beach in your socks, you do not have to worry about stepping on glass that was left by careless visitors parties.

In this strange socks you’ll feel very comfortable and safe only problem is that people around you will be confused when they see your socks.

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