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Painting old superhero by Andreas Englund

Painting old superhero by Andreas Englund

Andreas Englund divides the minds with his draft of the “Aging Superhero” and releases hot-blooded topics of conversation with his portrayals. The one who won’t refuse the aging reality any longer will find the answer to the question of prime age by the medium of Englund’s artworks. His realistically painted pictures share his deepest thoughts and private motives.  And the most important thing is that they tell stories.  Humour is seen as a tool that disabuses his thoughts and ideas of pretentiousness and that opens up new doors, ways and perspectives in a breath.

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That’s how the flaws and vices of Englund’s “Superhero” ensure that many people can identify themselves with this kind of human weakness. In a kind of tender comic on a huge canvas, Englund describes the hero who is slowly but surely spending his remaining years with human traits as a link between the artist himself and the viewer. It was extremely important to Englund to portray the aging process with an intensified presence. If you want to accord credibility to a character, the character himself needs to face up reality and the aging process. He has to acknowledge to himself that he cannot live up to expectations and that  the “perfect life” is nothing more than wishfulness. Englund’s artworks are focused on the maturing process. Even in the old age it is still possible to achieve something valuable although someone’s drive and vigour won’t blust-ter out explosively.

Nevertheless everybody in his advanced age deserves to be recognised and respected for what he has achieved in life. Despite all the inner disunity, harm and supreme contempt we get to know a man with the ability of a mental rock-star with a lot of self-confidence. He is ready to show the world that he is still able to give proof of his bad-ass character. He is not afraid of facing the truth although some people might think that his time is already overdue. Through Andreas Englund’s art, the motto “A man is as old as he feels” attributes a new meaning. Ain’t each and every one of us has his personal superhero whose superpowers can be supportive of the great age?

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Every one of us will find himself in the same situation as the “Aging Superhero” anytime soon. Of course, all good things must come to an end but we don’t have to bow to social marginalisation. One day we all will be old and start realise we need to dial it down and stop pushing on harder. In a worldwide society where mostly older people live, we need a survival packet with superpowers in order to make sure that everybody can film his own superhero blockbuster. With certainty there’s a superhero in every one of us. With this is mind, you should mobilise your superpowers and make sure not to avoid your inner fight against your sunset years.

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Andreas Englund

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