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Socks with the smell of coffee

Socks with the smell of coffee

Futuristic stocking is designed by company Ministry of Supply (MoS), the FIMR is famous for its antibacterial shirt with adjustable temperature Apollo 2. Now they have created something completely new and interesting socks Atlas. With these socks that promise a comfortable temperature feet will also disappear and odor socks or your feet. All thanks to the coffee that is inserted into socks your feet will smell the coffee.


Socks “coffee” made ​​of a mixture of cotton, recycled polyester and carbonized coffee that filters and absorbs perspiration and odors. The company MoS claim that socks future work on the same principle as water filters. Carbonized coffee attracts molecules, purified them and coming back for another dose of sweat.


Coffee is subjected to the pharmaceutical process of removing oil and scents, and is inserted into the polyester. Laboratory tests have shown that this method of absorption of perspiration and odor three times more efficient than ordinary cotton.

Besides coffee, MoS is used and the technology used in the manufacture of orthopedic devices, in order to ensure better ventilation and comfort your feet. Socks coffee scent will be sold at a price of 20 euros for two pair.

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