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The Best Chocolate Products

The Best Chocolate Products

Chocolate is a confectionery product which is made from cocoa, fats, sweeteners and other additives. Most often produced in the form of tables. In some countries, especially in Mexico, a lot of chocolate is used as a drink of water or other liquids.

Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, comes from the tropical lowlands South America, and grown the last three millennia in Central America and Mexico. The first record of its use dates from about 1100 The p. n. e. Archaeologists November 2007. found no evidence of cocoa cultivation in Puerto Escondido in Honduras, dating from the period 1100-1400. BC. Including the Mayans and Aztecs, were preparing the chocolate drink called xocolātl (navatl language), meaning “bitter water”. Have added to this drink of vanilla and chili peppers.

Cocoa and chocolate are considered to be luxurious and expensive products in Central America in the era before the arrival of Europeans. Made from an old Mexican legend, chocolate was the drink of the gods in heaven, and the seeds of cacao tree by the gods gave the people as a blessing. The Aztecs were a sign of gratitude every year offered human sacrifice, and the last meal was sacrificed cocoa.

Seeds of cocoa has a bitter taste, and it takes too hot to develop the characteristic flavor and color. After fermentation, the grain is peeled, dried and baked in special drums at a temperature of 120 to 140 ° C. Then crushed, sown through a sieve and sorted by size. Cocoa beans are milled to obtain a dense mass of cocoa. Treatment, under pressure from it arises cocoa butter (pressing the release excess oil) and cocoa powder.

The assumption is that theobromine encourages a desire for chocolate, and contains ingredients like triptofanelina, which produces serotonin.
According to international research has proven that dark chocolate, which contains 60% cocoa or more parts, a very strong antioxidant, since it contains polyphenol and flavonoid, cleanses the body from free radicals. Also up to 10% increases the production of HDL (good cholesterol), which protects the blood vessels.
Chocolate is a calorie, a high percentage of fats and sugars, which are thought to be the cause of migraines.





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