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The World’s Most Expensive Motorhome

The World’s Most Expensive Motorhome

Austrian company Marchi Mobile has made and sold for now the most expensive in the world of auto camper called eleMMent Palazzo. This car camper comes complete with pop-up roof terrace, which has an area of ​​20 m2.


This is the most expensive motorhomes from 2:17 amazing million a width of 2.5 m, while the long, almost 12 meters and the area is 20 square meters. In the car home on wheels eleMMent Palazzo is a bedroom with a 40-inch TV, bathroom, separate toilet, living room. A for luxury atmosphere that is not behind the driver’s futuristic cabin with bunk beds, a mini bar and luxury.


EleMMent Palazzo auto motor home can be fitted with mobile internet, fireplace, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV, this vehicle also has external lines that glow in the dark night to improve safety.

The World's Most Expensive Motorhome 1

But the most impressive part of the car EleMMent Palazzo is called “sky lounge” moving part of the roof that opens at the touch of a button auto camper has and underfloor heating. Marchi Mobile says their vehicle eleMMent Palazzo has a perfect aerodynamic line triggered by 510ks (horsepower) top speed of 150 kilometers per hour and a weight that is more than 20 tons.


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