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Time for a good coffee

Time for a good coffee

Coffee is produced from plants of the genus Coffea, the family Rubicaceae. There are many species in this genus of plants, but generally use Coffea arabica beans (typica and bourbon) and Coffea canephora and arabica is known as Brazilian coffee, while C.canephora grown mainly in Africa. Both species grow in tropical areas with hot, humid climate, but at different altitudes. For example Arabica grows at 2,000 meters while Robusta thrives at lower altitudes. Only arabica and commercially grown with the majority of world production of waste while  grown less because of its bitter-sour taste. The leading countries for the production of coffee today are Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola, India and Indonesia.  Coffeeis a shrub or tree, and the fruits are red berries like cherries. The best blends are obtained by combining several types of grain, and the best and most expensive way is to pick one by one. Cheaper ways are cherry picking and machine, after which he must carry out the separation of immature and ripe berries.

The best known and most important ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is absorbed and passes directly into the blood where it holds approximately 4 hours. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and brain and increases alertness, attention, mood, and the average cup of coffee it has 100 to 150 milligrams. Misconceptions related to the machine that raises blood pressure, which is only partly true because this effect raises the pressure to be only transitory. After that, the value of blood pressure will drop more than it originally grew, so one can say that coffee lowers blood pressure. However, overuse of coffee, and extravagance in anything, not good. The most common problems that occur as insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, pain in the stomach.

Coffee is best kept in a sealed glass container, as its greatest enemies of moisture and air, and it does not fit any sunlight because they lose their freshness. Therefore it should be kept in a hermetic, dark container, away from heat sources.
The best way to always have fresh coffee is to grind it yourself, because freshly ground coffee always has a stronger flavor than those who stood (although it was also vacuum packed coffee).

Coffee is the most popular drink that is used in all countries. Coffee is drunk in different ways and its appearance is different from the country in which you drink coffee. Here you can view some of the ideas seem to some unusual and interesting cup of coffee.

There are a large number of coffee drinks, so you can combine it with chocolate, milk, alcoholic beverages, cream, ice cream … The best temperature for coffee is 95 degrees Celsius, or just before water boils. At a lower temperature than this, not enough caffeine extracted and essential oils from the coffee beans and “weak” while at higher acidity increases.

At home you can prepare classic “Turkish” coffee, espresso and if you want, for it will need a special machine. Do you own an espresso and cappuccino, and want to get rich foam from milk pressure, waiter hustler in cooking kapuccina found that the milk is put a few drops of mineral water and foam will be simply divine.

For fans of coffee with cream, little secret is that the development of taste while mixing whipped cream to add a few drops of rum. Most importantly the coffee drinking ceremony itself, which led some to perfection. Whether it is a Turkish, espresso, capucinoo, machiatoo, short, medium wheelbase, with whipped cream or alcohol … Coffee has always enjoyed sipping slowly, alone or in good company.

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