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Weird and Funny Halloween Pumpkin

Weird and Funny Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween the streets will be a number of different awful bone skeletons, witches, zombies and other bones that regard it is a Halloween. One very important thing without which it can not go no Halloween gourds. Carved pumpkins are trademarksĀ  Halloween. In this night light many pumpkins with different layouts. Here you can see the photos of pumpkins with different looks, here are the funny pumpkins, scary pumpkins, squash weird …

Halloween is a festivity that is celebrated in different countries 31st October, the night before All Saints.
The most common activities observe this festival are: costume party, making lamps from gourds, watching horror movies, reading scary stories. Children go from door to door looking for candy and shouting “trick or treat” (loosely translated to “give us candy or else we will be forced to do something naughty). Irish immigrants were reported version of the tradition to North America in the 19th century. Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., Ireland, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Japan, New Zealand, and in some parts of Australia.

The origin of this festival dates back to the ancient Celtic feast of “Samhain”. The Celts, who lived on the territory of present-day Ireland, celebrated their first New Year November. Night before New Year celebrated “Samhain”. They believed that the spirits are then returned to the ground causing problems and destroying crops. Celtic priests built huge bonfires are where people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices Celtic deities. During the celebration wore costumes, mostly of animal heads and skins.

Custom chiseling pumpkin is based on the Irish legend of Jack the blacksmith, known for its ingenuity and avarice. One story tells how he tricked the Devil by offering his soul in exchange for a drink after the Devil turned into a coin to pay for a drink, Jack, it was quickly put in his pocket when he was cross, why the devil is no longer able to return to their shape. It was only after he promised Jack not to seek his soul for another ten years, Jack has pulled it from his pocket. After ten years old again deceived by the devil, he was asked to add it to an apple tree, but the tree bark quickly drew a cross, so that the Devil could not retrieve again. When Jack died, he was admitted because of their sinful life in heaven, and the gates of hell awaited him the devil and sent back into the darkness, and to solve it gave him a piece of coal. Jack had a tail in the pocket, which was carved and put it in charcoal and since then Jack, who never found his way home carrying a dark wandering carved tail in his hand. So is Jack O’Lantern (Jack Lantern) became the symbol of a damned soul who wanders between the worlds.

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