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Weird Matchstick Design

Weird Matchstick Design

These beautiful works of art are the result of precise work with thousands of tiny colorful games they used to play familiar faces again and legendary deeds. It only takes a few seconds and sends the flames up to 6ft in the air and leaves a charred version of the original, but the 55-year-oldĀ  says he is not destroying his work, but creating new art. This is the new art of the currently very popular, a great effort is needed to make a work of art than a matchstick. Weird art arises from a matchbook.

What drives these people is a mystery to many, especially when the work has to be uniform, as the one I’m about to show you. These are sculptures made Matchhead Matchstick artist David Mach. It’s a little project that I would not even consider taking when they saw the epic nature of it. One by one, the matches have pierced the soft foundation block that curves, functions and depth to any of David’s sculpture is made of.

David Mach started working with matches in 1982 and made a portrait Which ended up being the first portrait that he sold. The stunning effect of the art going up in flames was discovered when the collector who bought the sculpture accidentally set it on fire whilst cleanin


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