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Weird Russian car covered with leather for sale

Weird Russian car covered with leather for sale

We believe that such an interesting and unusual car you’ve never seen. Car enthusiasts from Moscow, Maxim Sarmatov selling unique car that is completely (in the literal sense) covered with skin (Canadian) buffalo.


From the interior, exterior and even the engine! Maksim as stated in its advertisement published in leading Russian car site “Avito,” says the car is covered with real leather for Canadian movie buffalo, and the skin is artistically engraved with masters from the Middle East.


The interior of the car, including the dashboard, was also carved with brown skin as bisonette with expensive natural fur. While the inside of the – under the hood, engine parts also include the right skin that is resistant to high temperatures in the engine.


This ad does not mention that this mark (leather) car, my knowledge of classic cars is low, although the lion logo on the front (if not changed sign) indicates that it is a peso? (Correct me if I’m wrong).


This leather car has a 2.5-liter petrol engine, automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. The seller of this Auto Exchange says that guarantees a lifetime warranty on the durability of buffalo leather.  The seller of this car is ready to sell the car thickened skin bisonette for the sum of 40 million Russian rubles. or 1,215,000 dollars.



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