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Weirdest apps for Android and iPhone

Weirdest  apps for Android and iPhone

Every day one meets with some new things as well as in the mobile phone industry appear daily in thousands of new apps for android and iPhone. Some of these apps for android and iPhone are very useful some interesting and some very unusual and strange. Here we show you some of the strangest of applications that are currently used. As this rapid progress can be expected very soon a strange application for android and iPhone.  Enjoy

Blower apps for  iPhone

Do you find blowing stuff to be a hassle? When you’re faced with birthday candles or a bubble blower, do you think ‘there’s got to be a better way’? Well you’re in luck. Using the speaker opening at the bottom of you iPhone as a makeshift fan, Blower grants your phone the ability to blow out candles or some very light objects.

Cubecheater apps for  iPhone

Designed for those struggling to solve one of the most ingenious puzzles made, this app solves them using a mixture of image-recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms. Take six pictures of your mixed up Rubik’s Cube – one per side – and the app will generate the fastest solution for it. You’re then given a set of easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to help you solve it. Sure it’s cheating and takes the fun out of it but at least it’ll stop you from flinging it into the bin in frustration.

 Viper SmartStart apps for  iPhone

For those who own a Viper brand car, this app allows you to control your vehicle locks, security system, remote start system and trunk release all with your phone. You can also start your car remotely – as long as there’s wifi access where you based – so it can warm it up or cool it down before you get in. Users are required to register an account first before they can download the app so that it’s only car owners that can access it.


Pimple Popper App for iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android

This app does what it says. The goal of the user is to remove the zits from the face of a girl (you can pinch, pop and pick the zits) the game makes use of the iPhone’s multi-touch screen, allowing you to zap the zits with either one of the two fingers.

iBeer  Magic for iPhone, iPod touch, Android

Just imagine you are in a party, and people are sitting quietly. Suddenly you feel like having some fun. You can drink beer (not literally) on your phone. You get a sensational liquid with foam, bubbles and burping sound. Just keep your android phone in an upright position, and voila! Your android transforms to a cold glass of frothy beer. Keep the phone at the edge of your lips (as if you are drinking real beer) and tip it back a little. The graphics are very realistic and you will be ensured that the party has a hilarious laugh.

Finger Eater IPod Touch Trick

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