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Beautiful caterpillar

Caterpillars are the larval form of the Order Lepidoptera (the insect order consisting of butterflies and moths). They are mostly herbivorous food habit, although some species are insectivorous. Read More »

Several tornadoes in Dallas

One of the most dangerous storms and tornado winds swept the area around Dallas. The exact number of tornadoes that swept through Dallas on April 3, 2012 still not known but assumed known to have been from 10 to 18 tornadoes. Read More »

House of chewing gum

This house is about a million pieces of chewing gum to be veirdest in the world - and according to a recent survey, the second largest slums in the world - a tourist attraction. Read More »

Amazing art with a stick

Every day we meet new people who have extraordinary abilities. A large number of people who can do amazing things. the world there are various artistic styles. One of the new styles in art and art with a stick. Read More »

Sleep box

SLEEPBOKS much of user-centered design. It provides hostel owners the unique opportunity to differentiate itself in a saturated market hostel. Read More »

The Largest Moth

Atlas Moth is a large saturniid moth found in tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia and around the common Malay archipelago. Meet the world's largest moths known as Attacus or Atlas, as it sits quietly on the road in northeastern India. Read More »

The smallest Frog in the World

Researchers search forest Paua New Guinea have discovered a new species of frogs that is said to be the smallest frog in the world. According to the disclosure of the party Paedophrine amauensis measures only 0:27 inches ... Read More »

Stupid and Ugly TATTOO

Tattooing is Art that requires extensive knowledge and experience. Tattooing can not deal with anyone. To become a good master of tattoos You have to have talent and that much you practice and learn. Read More »