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LEGO The Simpsons family and their home from plastic bricks

Creative people from LEGO team have made plastic bricks most watched animated cartoon series The Simpsons. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the presentation of the first cartoon The Simpsons have made not only the characters from the cartoon larger and their neighbors and their house that you build from the 742 plastic bricks. Lego announces making another 16 new figures ... Read More »

Amazing Computer Magic

We could also call this video, which in fact is, real small computer magic with lots of amazing tricks. This video is a collection of all the amazing video footage of artists and designers Zaka King of Los Angeles, the United States, eight minutes. Video of eight minutes is literally overwhelmed users You Tube channel, so if you like to watch real deception ... Read More »

AWWA “Sky Whale” The latest from aviation

AWWA  “Sky Whale”  Concept Plane Is a concept about the future “green” aircraft designs for the regular airline’s planes of the 21st century, that could be based in a technical solutions more friendly with the environment, most efficient and with the maximum performance. Is a mixture between today’s airplanes and future concepts based in blended wing body (BWB) or hybrid wing body architecture (HWB).  For ... Read More »

American in less than three minutes ate two pounds of meat

Molly Schuyler ate two pounds of beef for less than three minutes, setting a new record. Molly is 34 years old, mother of two children and lives in Nebraska. She has managed to set a new Guinness World Record after he ate two pounds of beef for two minutes and 44 seconds. The previous record for the same quantity of eaten ... Read More »

Woman pulls 2.5 tonne hearse using her hair

Woman from the circus Anastasia IV. all power, judging by the pictures and the video is in your hair, like Samoson. She’s able to with her ​​hair pulled item weighing up to 4 tons of weight. Soviets unusual ability she has shown announcing the new play “Circus of Horrors” that will take place this month across the UK. Anastasia is ... Read More »

Frozen Soap Bubbles by Angela Kelly

When last week the weather forecast announced in air temperature from -12 to -9 ° C, a photographer Angela Kelly from Washington decided to take advantage of such a prediction in a truly creative way. With its seven-year son decided to leave out in the cold and blowing soap bubbles. Angela is photographed balloons as they froze and melted. Mother and ... Read More »

Beautiful pictures of traffic lights

Beautiful long exposure photos of traffic lights captured by talented German photographer Lucas Zimmermann. Green, Yellow, and Red lights were photographed at night, in heavy fog.  LUMA Visual Creations is a label for a photography group by Lucas Zimmermann and Maria Le Quang based in Landau, Weimar and Würzburg, Germany Read More »

Weirdest apps for Android and iPhone

Every day one meets with some new things as well as in the mobile phone industry appear daily in thousands of new apps for android and iPhone. Some of these apps for android and iPhone are very useful some interesting and some very unusual and strange. Here we show you some of the strangest of applications that are currently used. ... Read More »

In Turkey, donkeys almost frozen alive!

A few days ago a very snowy storm swept Turkey. Snowy big disasters Turkey has led to a complete collapse and endanger traffic everyday life of the Turks. Ice wave hanging over Turkey hit around people and animals that could not get out of the storm Merry . From Sanlurfa province, in southeast Turkey, comes namjedna unusual but also the ... Read More »

Cameron 11 Year-Old Boy Can Talk Backwards Fluently

In the next 5 minutes long video clip son Cameron who is 11 years old father first sets the simple sentences like these: “My name is Cameron and I live in Scotland”, and then sentences became more and more complex, “Today I went out to ride my bike” , or: “the summer break will go to Canada.” Applications on iPhone, ... Read More »