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Amazing Sand Sculpture

Probably you are when you were little sculptures are often made ​​of sand that was our favorite game. Even now when we are adults we enjoy to make something of sand. These are pictures of some of the most incredible sand sculpture. Read More »

Obese Animals in The World

Here you can see the most obese animals in the world and how they look when they do not care about nutrition, a fat monkey, large pigeons, and other obese animals. There is probably a good diet for animals, it would be nice to all these animals get their diet and lose weight. Read More »

Kseniya Simonova art with sand

Kseniya Simonova is an artist who just won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and “sand painting” skills. Her technical skills, needed to do something like this, are .amazing. Simonova seemlessly moves from scene to scene sculpting and drizzling sand over a light table. Kseniya Simonova is a 24 year old ... Read More »

Baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Tong Liang is a baby who was given his first cigarette from his father at 18 months, his father believed that this will help him because of illness he had. He now is 6 years old and smoked 40 cigarettes a day. He is considered the youngest cigarette smokers in the world. Read More »

Magneto Man

Unbelievable and amazing to see this man magnet, when I saw the headline in the newspaper I thought the superhero from the cartoon and the comic book hero. When I found the clip I saw was a man magnet that is not a super hero, but he is just beautiful all metal body that’s funny .. Read More »

Double meaning of photography

Double meaning of photography is when one acts to happen is another action that is expected, order those who are in the center of events are not even aware of what is happening, of course, in some situations, we know exactly what we want to photograph. these photos can help themselves  doing something interesting. If you are not interested in ... Read More »

Amazing Phone The Kambala

Don’t get so confused, the Kambala is a mobile phone that transforms to a earphone as well. Pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out; clip this to your ear, and you got a phone-earphone! Multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components is used in its construction. A continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface ... Read More »