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Funny Cat tongue out

Here you can see what they look like cat with tongue out, some of these cats are very funny and amazing. Here you can see how cats use their tongue and how their tongue looks. Recognizing taste in cats must be quickly and accurately, because they can not chew food. Identifying tastes is necessary to determine the rotting food. Cat’s ... Read More »

Maverick Meerkats Calendar 2013

After a grueling year, there was a burden for the rest Meerkats. While they were resting they were engaged in extreme sports and spent the day. Small mongoose their photos decided to put in the calendar for 2013. In this 2013 calendar Mischievous Meerkats put some extreme images. Here’s how to mongoose mountain climbers, ride snowboard on a very steep ... Read More »

Monkey Training Karate

This monkey exercises karate with your teacher. On this training in karate discipline and shows great talent for martial arts such as karate. For learning karate takes a lot of effort and time you will see that this monkey fight for a few years is likely to be stronger than many people. Karate or Karatedo is a martial art originating from ... Read More »

Dogs learn how to drive a car

Several dog will soon be trained to drive cars. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Zealand has made a device with which dogs learn to drive cars. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Zealand decided to run a campaign to show that just because a dog is abandoned by their ... Read More »

Cats Sleeping In Strange Places

A lot of people in the world is kept in his house cat. Some cats are kept because mice love and some for the love of the animal. Cats can be very fun and they love to play with various objects. Cats can be fun and when they sleep they still find an unusual place for your break. Here you can ... Read More »

Animals play football / soccer

These animals love to play with the ball and they are very interesting and funny. Some of these animals have played a World Cup in soccer. The big elephant slowly moves from zone defense to attack, he controlled the ball well and quickly creates a chance for the shot. The elephant plays football very well. These penguins are playing in ... Read More »

Baby playing with a gorilla in her cage

The sight of 18-month baby in a cage with a gorilla would cause anxiety and fear in every viewer, however, one man quietly watched his daughter playing with animals. Father little tense, Damien Espinol, he discovered that his intention was to show the gorillas in the best light. He is the way, the owner of the that helps wild animals ... Read More »

Animals Hairstyles

This amazing hairstyle is created by Nagi Noda Japanese hairdresser, he created them for his new show. As you can see, these are very complicated and very interesting hairstyles that you yourself will not be able to do, for this Anime hairstyle, it takes time, a lot of experience with hair and must have a flair for art. Many people ... Read More »

Animals glow in the dark

When the sun goes down and darkness falls, some animals wake up and get out of their hiding places. Some of them use the amazing ways that leave the light is on. The scientific term for this is bioluminescence – or the production and broadcasting of light by a living organism. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by ... Read More »