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The Largest Moth

Atlas Moth is a large saturniid moth found in tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia and around the common Malay archipelago. Meet the world's largest moths known as Attacus or Atlas, as it sits quietly on the road in northeastern India. Read More »

The smallest Frog in the World

Researchers search forest Paua New Guinea have discovered a new species of frogs that is said to be the smallest frog in the world. According to the disclosure of the party Paedophrine amauensis measures only 0:27 inches ... Read More »

Animals Making Love

Here you can see what they look like animals making love in unusual and strange way. These pictures are very interesting animals and all the pictures from the life of animals.   Read More »

Amazing marine fish

Seas and oceans are full of wildlife. The oceans also has a lot of different kinds of fish. We may be here to talk a little in the appearance of the fish that live at the bottom of oceans and seas. Read More »

Weird animals face

Animals that are found in nature and that we keep as pets have their own personality traits. All animals on the planet to change their mood just like people. Does the animal spirits can be seen on their faces. We know that animals know how to look very funny animals also know that a person can look very dangerous. Here ... Read More »

Funny hungry animals

Animals that we hold as pets or animals that live in the wild have the same needs to sleep to eat and rest. Animals when they feel that they are hungry they do not notice anything other than food and eager to feed them. Read More »

Funny Parrot

Learn more about parrots. Did you know that the world's 375 species of parrot exist. Parrots can be divided into three families: the Psittacidae true parrots, cockatoos and Cacatuidae Strigopidae New Zealand parrot. Read More »

Flying Disc Dog Sport

The sport originated 1970th that year the sport has become very popular Frisbee. 5th August 1974th Akejs Stein and his dog were on one If a baseball game when the A; els Stein threw a frisbee on the field and his dog rushed and at high speed is a high-jumped and grabbed the Frisbee. Bublik was delighted with catching frisbees. Read More »

Funny animals

Here you can find pictures Funny owls, cats, dogs, monkey, frog. These animals are very unusual and very funny. Animals constantly doing something unusual and funny every day we see an animal that does something unexpected. Read More »