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Smiling owls

You used to laugh at animals and their escapades. Here you can see many funny pictures of animals, but now things have changed a bit. What you looking at the owl who loves to laugh. Read More »

Wildlife mother and cubs

Beautiful pictures of animals with their offspring. in these pictures are animals from all over the world: Polar bears, seals, eagles, hyenas, deer, pandas, monkeys, wolves, they are a natural link in the chain without which life could not be imagined. Read More »

Dog with the biggest ears

Record of dogs with the best ears in the year 2004 was exceeded, its ears are in 11.5. Ears are the new record holder (12:25 left ear in the right ear was 13.5 in) this dog with big ears so much a new world record was broken down more precisely the Guinness record. Read More »

Funny Cute Little Bear

And if you are very unpleasant when growth is very unpredictable and they are like babies very interesting. As well as pictures of other animals that are small or when the baby very are funny and nice. We enjoy to see how small animals spend their day. all day to play and eat and sleep just like all the little ... Read More »

Weird reptiles with genetic disorders

As with humans and in animals happening the remarkable things. In these pictures we see in animals genetically disorders. These pictures are amazing and weird. It is very sad this is what we see. These genetic disorders are present in all reptiles, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, frogs. Read More »

Funny Pictures of Frog

It is very difficult to find a funny frog pictures on the Internet. Frogs are very funny and laugh their images worldwide. All pictures of animals are funny, of course. Enjoy the pictures and have a good laugh. Read More »

Funny animals with weapons

Very funny pictures of animals that carry the weapon. most of these pictures are mounted, but there are those that are not photomontage. But they are very interesting and people like to see this funny pictures of animals that are at war or carry weapon. Read More »

Baby Crocodile and Turtle Hatching

It is very difficult to find photos baby crocodile and turtle hatĨing, baby crocodile and turtle they are very small when they are born, these animals can grow very large. Not only crocodiles can grow very large, the crocodiles are very dangerous and many people are very afraid of crocodiles. Enjoy the beautiful photos of these little animals. Read More »

Cute and Funny Rabbits

Rabbits are very sweet animals, rabbits are also very skittish animals so you have to be careful with them because they can be very unpleasant if you scare them and you hold the hands, can you scratch. Rabbits have a beautiful soft coat and very sensitive to have a watch out for them and their health. Read More »