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Sleeping in public transport in uncomfortable position

Do you happen sometimes sleepless night after getting up early in the morning and go to work by bus, train, tram, the way to your workplace is very protracted and you fall asleep in your seat. After a few moments to wake up but it’s too late you’ve probably laughed all the people who were next to you. Here are pictures ... Read More »

Funny pictures of dogs underwater

All dog lovers know that they love to play with the ball, throw the ball very often in the water and say your pet to fetch it. A large number of dog loves to jump in the water and chasing items that we throw. People enjoy to play with their dogs in this way and it is very fun. Have ... Read More »

Funny Cat tongue out

Here you can see what they look like cat with tongue out, some of these cats are very funny and amazing. Here you can see how cats use their tongue and how their tongue looks. Recognizing taste in cats must be quickly and accurately, because they can not chew food. Identifying tastes is necessary to determine the rotting food. Cat’s ... Read More »

Cats Sleeping In Strange Places

A lot of people in the world is kept in his house cat. Some cats are kept because mice love and some for the love of the animal. Cats can be very fun and they love to play with various objects. Cats can be fun and when they sleep they still find an unusual place for your break. Here you can ... Read More »

Killer karaoke tv show and Steve-O

Soon of the new show “Killer Karaoke” or “Karaoke Killing”, he left without a word people all over the world! Although many thought that nothing more can shudder, thrill, scare and amaze, this announcement will make it all at once. The footage shows a young girl tasked to sing a song, on a swing in a pool of snakes. And ... Read More »

Animals play football / soccer

These animals love to play with the ball and they are very interesting and funny. Some of these animals have played a World Cup in soccer. The big elephant slowly moves from zone defense to attack, he controlled the ball well and quickly creates a chance for the shot. The elephant plays football very well. These penguins are playing in ... Read More »

5 dirtiest computer room

Do you know how to look dirtiest computer rooms in the world. Here you can see dirtiest and very strange room, believe that anyone staying in them or doing something on his computer. Look at this picture and clean your room.         Read More »

Weird and Funny Bus stop

The ideas and design of bus stations varies from state to state. Everyone is very aware that the most popular sport in Brazil football and therefore their individual bus stations are designed in the shape of a football goal. In Japan, the inspiration for the design of bus stop received from various fruits and vegetables such as lemon, strawberry, melon ... Read More »

Funny photomontages of celebrities with upside down heads

Unusual and funny photo montages of celebrities with upside down heads the appearance of celebrities that we have not seen before. This photo montage is very funny and different from the other plate that we were able to see the celebrities. In many places we used to see how well-known personalities who have mustaches are very easy to get a ... Read More »