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My pets are giraffes

If you want to experience what it is when you giraffes pets you'll need to visit Nairobi hotel. It all morning giraffes rings on your door and is expected to call at breakfast. Read More »

Beautiful caterpillar

Caterpillars are the larval form of the Order Lepidoptera (the insect order consisting of butterflies and moths). They are mostly herbivorous food habit, although some species are insectivorous. Read More »

Several tornadoes in Dallas

One of the most dangerous storms and tornado winds swept the area around Dallas. The exact number of tornadoes that swept through Dallas on April 3, 2012 still not known but assumed known to have been from 10 to 18 tornadoes. Read More »

Amazing natural disasters

Natural disasters are the impact of natural hazards on people and live set. There are a number of natural disasters, we may here be noted that only the most destruction lives of people and wildlife. Read More »