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Fisherman Khalil Al Sinani (30) in Oman became a millionaire thanks to the Whale’s vomit. Kalil is caught whale vomit called ambergris, rare whale by-product of the digestive system, also called the “floating gold” A total weight ‘caught’ whale vomit – amber was 80 pounds. This slimy and weird any substance is highly appreciated by the manufacturer of perfume, which ... Read More »


Wacky totally right and to us is unbelievable ?! Alison Brooks (pictured rigt), who  married Alina Davis (pictured left). In fact, how is this possible in a country where Russia marriages between same-sex prohibited, while anti-gay violence is increasing, and homosexuality was declared a mental illness in 1999? … Simple …. 23-year-old Alina was born a man named Smitrij Kozhukov. ... Read More »

Amazing Scottish beer flavored lamb

Welsh micro brewery Conwy in Wales, made a new beer flavored lamb and it is called “The Sunday Toast” In this way, the brewery wanted to mark the Day of St. David’s, which is the national day of Wales. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales, and is celebrated every year 1 March. The brewery is the first slow ... Read More »

Painted animal horns fluorescent dye to prevent road accidents

Finnish reindeer herders have coloured animal’s antlers to ‘glow in the dark’. Horns sprayed with flourescent dye to prevent car crashes involving animals. Hundreds of accidents involving wild reindeer occur every year in Finland. Finnish reindeer herders have found a new way of keeping their livestock from being hit by cars – they cover their horns in fluorescent dye. The ... Read More »

LEGO The Simpsons family and their home from plastic bricks

Creative people from LEGO team have made plastic bricks most watched animated cartoon series The Simpsons. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the presentation of the first cartoon The Simpsons have made not only the characters from the cartoon larger and their neighbors and their house that you build from the 742 plastic bricks. Lego announces making another 16 new figures ... Read More »

AWWA “Sky Whale” The latest from aviation

AWWA  “Sky Whale”  Concept Plane Is a concept about the future “green” aircraft designs for the regular airline’s planes of the 21st century, that could be based in a technical solutions more friendly with the environment, most efficient and with the maximum performance. Is a mixture between today’s airplanes and future concepts based in blended wing body (BWB) or hybrid wing body architecture (HWB).  For ... Read More »

American in less than three minutes ate two pounds of meat

Molly Schuyler ate two pounds of beef for less than three minutes, setting a new record. Molly is 34 years old, mother of two children and lives in Nebraska. She has managed to set a new Guinness World Record after he ate two pounds of beef for two minutes and 44 seconds. The previous record for the same quantity of eaten ... Read More »

In Turkey, donkeys almost frozen alive!

A few days ago a very snowy storm swept Turkey. Snowy big disasters Turkey has led to a complete collapse and endanger traffic everyday life of the Turks. Ice wave hanging over Turkey hit around people and animals that could not get out of the storm Merry . From Sanlurfa province, in southeast Turkey, comes namjedna unusual but also the ... Read More »