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Fisherman Khalil Al Sinani (30) in Oman became a millionaire thanks to the Whale’s vomit. Kalil is caught whale vomit called ambergris, rare whale by-product of the digestive system, also called the “floating gold” A total weight ‘caught’ whale vomit – amber was 80 pounds. This slimy and weird any substance is highly appreciated by the manufacturer of perfume, which ... Read More »


Wacky totally right and to us is unbelievable ?! Alison Brooks (pictured rigt), who  married Alina Davis (pictured left). In fact, how is this possible in a country where Russia marriages between same-sex prohibited, while anti-gay violence is increasing, and homosexuality was declared a mental illness in 1999? … Simple …. 23-year-old Alina was born a man named Smitrij Kozhukov. ... Read More »

Unusual friendship of man and the bears

Finn Sulo Karjalainen is a lonely man. He has company in its wilderness in rural Finland. In the native country knows him as “a bear.” You can see it in Kusama in Finland to be with a group of big bear spends wallowing in the snow, reading newspapers and cuddling with the behemoth. In one of the photos on one ... Read More »

Chinese man inflates four tyres with his nose

Chinese Ni Jongbing (63) did a really impressive and unusual stuff! These vital Chinese managed to inflate four tires and that the extremely strange and interesting manner and to the nose. Even so managed to inflate car tires with only fruits of your diligent nose. To be even more difficult task for Jongbinga at each of the four tires are standing ... Read More »

American in less than three minutes ate two pounds of meat

Molly Schuyler ate two pounds of beef for less than three minutes, setting a new record. Molly is 34 years old, mother of two children and lives in Nebraska. She has managed to set a new Guinness World Record after he ate two pounds of beef for two minutes and 44 seconds. The previous record for the same quantity of eaten ... Read More »

Woman pulls 2.5 tonne hearse using her hair

Woman from the circus Anastasia IV. all power, judging by the pictures and the video is in your hair, like Samoson. She’s able to with her ​​hair pulled item weighing up to 4 tons of weight. Soviets unusual ability she has shown announcing the new play “Circus of Horrors” that will take place this month across the UK. Anastasia is ... Read More »

Cameron 11 Year-Old Boy Can Talk Backwards Fluently

In the next 5 minutes long video clip son Cameron who is 11 years old father first sets the simple sentences like these: “My name is Cameron and I live in Scotland”, and then sentences became more and more complex, “Today I went out to ride my bike” , or: “the summer break will go to Canada.” Applications on iPhone, ... Read More »

Interesting friendship fox and dog

Amazing pictures of one amazing friendship between foxes and dogs. This friendship started in a forest that is covered by the first snow when the dog saw a fox he was on the hunt but the fox began to play and have become very good match to play. Read More »

Old photos of unusual Inventions

This Handy Face Protector These aren’t for cosplaying Spy vs. Spy. And although they look ideal for maintaining a healthy anti-social distance, they’re not for that either. They’re actually face masks to protect your face from the ravages of snow storms. When those razor sharp flakes come hurtling through the air at gale-force speeds, your delicate skin will be protected. ... Read More »