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Zion Chan Has the largest family in the world

Zion Chan on the head of the family which has 181 members, 39 women, 94 children, 14 daughters, 33 grandchildren, they all contribute to this family is the largest in the world. The largest family in the world lives in a house with four floors with 100 rooms it is located in a small village in the Indian state of ... Read More »

Baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Tong Liang is a baby who was given his first cigarette from his father at 18 months, his father believed that this will help him because of illness he had. He now is 6 years old and smoked 40 cigarettes a day. He is considered the youngest cigarette smokers in the world. Read More »

Russian girls kiss all women police officers

Russian group of street kiss all women police officers of course police officers were very surprised when the next term to create a girl with a little story goes to kiss, some female officers stood by and did not know what happens to them while some also used force to defend probably the fire baton. The girls who attacked a ... Read More »

Funny Way And Place Of Sleep

Who knows why these people had to sleep in such places, they probably were on a break for lunch and the snoozing little. And of course when we sleep at home asleep with honey or a pet but do not sleep with the car or engine in the bed. It happens to fall asleep on the bus but can not ... Read More »

Magneto Man

Unbelievable and amazing to see this man magnet, when I saw the headline in the newspaper I thought the superhero from the cartoon and the comic book hero. When I found the clip I saw was a man magnet that is not a super hero, but he is just beautiful all metal body that’s funny .. Read More »

Funny Hairstyles who smiled the whole world

It is difficult these days to be noticed. One way to be noticed is that you make yourself an unusual or funny hair. Here you have a popular, most amazing, funniest examples of hairstyles. These hairstyles have attracted great attention around the world. If you want to see you cut the whole world is incredible. Read More »