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Man eat and drink the weirdest things

Hello everyone get to know a man who eats Kris Shui eating and drinking very weird things. He is a man who is willing to not only unusual thing than a man who can eat and drink a lot in a short time. He eats and drinks pen, stones, silicon, waxed paint, shampoo, candles, toilet paper, cardboard boxes and a ... Read More »

Crazy and Funny wake up people

If you thought that you find it difficult to wake up, the experiences of these people will undeceive. In the footage you can see what it looks like standing up to the sound of firecrackers, with mousetraps on the ears or with a bunch of cans on it. Friends or partners certainly know how to surprise. The worst is when ... Read More »

Amazing six year old girl breakdancing

Incredible performance breakdance girls six year old  ‘B-girl Terra’ from the United Kingdom. It was completely demolished the competition during the Chelles Battle Pro “Baby Battle” in France this past Sunday. It was his incredible dance moves and delighted everyone. Read More »

Human Barbie and Ken meet for the first time

After a long time finally met Ken Justin Jedlicą Valeri Lukyanov Barbie in real life. Instead of love at first sight, Valerius had a rather harsh words for the man who has compared it with a transvestite. Lukjanovia, twenty-year old model from Ukraine, got his nickname because of the extremely narrow waist, large breasts and wide eyes. The two most ... Read More »

BIZARRE – Woman Eats Cat Hair

This is a story about an American girl who eats and licks cat fur coat. TLC view on television is a show about people who have a strange addiction. Lisa from Detroit has a very strange and bizarre addiction she chew her hair cat. When asked the reason why your cats eat hair Lisa responded to eat their cat hair ... Read More »

Sleeping in public transport in uncomfortable position

Do you happen sometimes sleepless night after getting up early in the morning and go to work by bus, train, tram, the way to your workplace is very protracted and you fall asleep in your seat. After a few moments to wake up but it’s too late you’ve probably laughed all the people who were next to you. Here are pictures ... Read More »

Amazing China Totems by Alain Delorme

New “Totems” series Alan Delorme pushing us into the core of contemporary China and its complexity. Under blue skies highly colored Shanghai, men carry the city unbelievable piles. These precarious columns made ​​of cardboard or chairs appear as new totems of a society in full transformation, both a factory for the world and a new El Dorado of the market ... Read More »

School under the bridge in india

Every day is happening in the world of strange and curious things, but in India are becoming more common events that were amazing and very strange.  India is one of the strangest schools in the world at this school is unusual its location it is located under a big bridge. Photographer Altaf Qadri Associated Press found unusual school in New ... Read More »

Paper art and Origami by Sipho Mabona

Sipho Mabona was five years old when he folded his first paper airplane. In 2000 after having folded planes for fifteen years Mabona ran out of paper airplane designs to fold and turned to origami hoping it would enable him to come up with original designs.Sipho Mabona’s origami covers a great range of different styles from very intricate representational designs ... Read More »

Road Built Around House, Family Refuses to Leave

Chinese couple has refused to move from their homes to make way for the new road, so the government built a road around them, literally leaving his home in the middle of the street. Baogen Luo, 67, and his 65-year-old woman refused to leave her home in Zhejiang province since 2008, when the government began relocating families to make way for ... Read More »