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School under the bridge in india

Every day is happening in the world of strange and curious things, but in India are becoming more common events that were amazing and very strange.  India is one of the strangest schools in the world at this school is unusual its location it is located under a big bridge. Photographer Altaf Qadri Associated Press found unusual school in New ... Read More »

Look like Christmas trees around the world

The most expensive Christmas tree The most expensive Christmas tree is located in the United Arab Emirates. The most expensive Christmas tree in the world is located in the Golden Hall “Emirates Palace”, the jewelry ovouj trees has a total value of 11.4 million dollars.  Tree the jewelry contains 181 diamond, sapphire, emerald and pearl 131 total piece of jewelry ... Read More »

Weird snow phenomenon

Snow rollers are very rare meteorological phenomenon. Snowy weather this unusual phenomenon is obtained when the snow with wind shapes the snow roller. So naturally formed snow pack look. Cylindrical in shape, and are often hollow, similar to when children make snowman and rolling balls of snow. The inner layer, which is formed during the first snow of this phenomenon ... Read More »

Amazing pictures of people just a few feet from the boiling hot lava

Volcano is a geological form (usually mountains, but there are underwater volcanoes) where magma, pyroclastic materials and various gases and vapors coming to the surface of the Earth or another celestial body. On Earth, volcanoes often occur at the boundaries of tectonic plates, there are no volcanoes and bodies that do not have plate tectonics (Venus, Io) The name “volcano” ... Read More »

Right Place, Right Time

Hard to believe some are not photoshopped. These photographs were not used for programs photomontage or something. These are pictures that are created in real time by accident or on purpose.                 Read More »

Animals Hairstyles

This amazing hairstyle is created by Nagi Noda Japanese hairdresser, he created them for his new show. As you can see, these are very complicated and very interesting hairstyles that you yourself will not be able to do, for this Anime hairstyle, it takes time, a lot of experience with hair and must have a flair for art. Many people ... Read More »

Weird Old Photos

The first permanent photograph was an image produced in 1826 by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. His photographs were produced on a polished pewter plate covered with a petroleum derivative called bitumen of Judea, which he then dissolved in white petroleum. Read More »

Young Celebrity

If your used to know how celebrities looked when they were young. Do celebrities have always been such a beautiful as they are now or have been otherwise. Read More »