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Funny animals

Here you can find pictures Funny owls, cats, dogs, monkey, frog. These animals are very unusual and very funny. Animals constantly doing something unusual and funny every day we see an animal that does something unexpected. Read More »

Wildlife mother and cubs

Beautiful pictures of animals with their offspring. in these pictures are animals from all over the world: Polar bears, seals, eagles, hyenas, deer, pandas, monkeys, wolves, they are a natural link in the chain without which life could not be imagined. Read More »

How animals have sex

We always laughed when we saw how animals make love, it is quite normal, of course, the question is whether and in animals has a fag, this is not proven but that the house has sex with a cat that we were able to see or to see the gang bang also going to see three animals of each other, ... Read More »

Cute Baby Animals

Baby animals are something beautiful there is no man in the world who love. Even those animals which are dangerous to humans while small ones are naturally sweet and harmless. Imagine that you keep a lion or an elephant that is simply impossible, but because cats and dogs to keep everyone loves. Perhaps a sloth or a monkey but by ... Read More »