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5 female celebrities strong body

5 female celebrities strong body

Sex and the City star is trying too hard for the youthful bodies of her 40s. The arms and the veins look very unattractive.

Madonna can give all these ladies a run for their money. Madonna officially has the ugliest arms in female showbiz. I don’t even think I should comment on her photo. Her arms speak for themselves.

ctress Holy Hunter, 53, has super toned arms for her age and way too toned muscles for any woman. See it for yourself.

BBC’s One Show presenter Christine Bleakley once had super sculptured arms while she was training for her Sports Relief water-ski across the Channel in 2009. Christine noticed how bulging her biceps became and cut down on iron in the gym because she just didn’t want to get Madonna-style arms.

Cameron Diaz showed her super ripped biceps and triceps last month while on a romantic break with her current boyfriend A-Rod. Cameron is well known for her toned body but these arms are an obvious NO – not attractive, not sexy, not beautiful.



  1. Who the f are you to judge these women like this? All these negative comments about how women are supposed to look are really making me sick. What’s next; deciding what womens boobs should look like? Deciding what size they’re all supposed to be? Grow up and accept that people aren’t supposed to come in one size or one shape.  

  2. DogbiteWilliams

    I appreciate female muscle.  That’s a nice collection, weirdhut.


  3. This article is very judgemental, It states that they cannot be considered attractive or good looking just because of a bit of muscle tone on their arms? That’s ridiculous.

  4. Cameron Diaz has some pretty arms. I wish I had arms just like her. I think arms are the most attractive part of a woman.

  5. I enjoy the details on your site. With thanks!

  6. I LOVE muscular arms on women!

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