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Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel

Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel

The famous television host Jimmy Kimmel has hosted his show in Mark Cuban while they talked at once appeared a famous actor Charlie Sheen, who rushed into the studio followed by ovations. Charlie Sheen’s headlines to their internal affairs, a story that is related to two porn actresses and that any of them to marry. But to return to the topic. After entering the television studio where the show takes Jimmy Kimmel Charlie Sheen’s manager came up and kissed it in her mouth it was a powerful kiss that will television host Jimmy Kimmel long remembered. After poljubca Charlie Sheen has divided audiences shirts with his face and sat in the armchair next to Mark Cuban. Of course several times during the meeting Charlie Sheen was reminded Jimmy Kimmel on the kiss that happened only a few per minute, and boasted that it was a beautiful kiss.At the end of their conversation, Charlie was seen pulled another surprise out of his bag, it was a cup of coffee or tea and a cup was drawn fox.We are looking forward Charlie Sheen, which will not surprise us.

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