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Jennifer Lopez cries on stage

Jennifer Lopez cries on stage

Pop singer Jennifer Lopez cried to his performance on Saturday night. Jennifer Lopez burst into tears when she sang the song “If You Had My Love”

She has since its first appearance in the public arena maintained great composure and was eoma strong emotional person. after the divorce from her husband Mark Anthony with whom she has two children, Jennifer Lopez meets and becomes very close to actor Bradley comes Cooper. Jennifer Lopez and Bradley comes josuve Cooper kept their relationship a secret.

Jennifer Lopez after this performance is reported:

“After I sang the song, I was standing, and I realized that I did a little bare my thoughts in this poem. He also acted out, kind of, for the audience. The way they get very touching,” Jennifer explained Hollivood Access after the show.

“I think I felt what I felt, as you know, I’m just a girl, just like everyone else, trying to find my way. I felt like I got that and they understood this, and we were all as one at the moment. it was very, very moving. i think they felt that, and I felt it from them. Types overwhelmed me. ”

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