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Naomi Campbell going bald

Naomi Campbell going bald

Shocking photos have visited the world – model Naomi Campbell is almost completely bald! 42-year-old Naomi was taken during a holiday in Ibiza and the front part of her head is almost completely bald. Dr. Alan Bauman is the ABC television said that Campbell suffers from alopecia caused by insertions of hair. She’s one of the highest paid, top-booked, and highest earning super-models of all time! Yes, everyone can agree that Naomi Campbell is fierce and stunning, but her recent photos of her on vacation don’t reveal an all-too pretty picture. “Everything hangs on long hair – whether it hook magnets, adhesive tape, cause some damage to the hair over time. If you do not relax the hair implants, it is not self-recover, “he said, and thus give a logical explanation for the shocking appearance of the world-famous supermodels. Interestingly, the month of August the fight against hair loss in America and Naomi is quite unwittingly become the face of his.

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