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Psy with his rendition “Gangnam Style” conquers the world

Psy with his rendition “Gangnam Style” conquers the world

Figure of 400 million this song is over eighth October, so it’s Gangnam Style arrived at the 9th place on the list of most watched YouTube videos. Psy this result came in just 80 days, which is not managed by any other musician in the world! Currently the absolute record “Baby” Justin Bieber who has about 790 million hits every day but Psy drastically reduces the difference, and apparently only a matter of when will this addictive K-pop songs to reach the top!

Korean K-Pop star PSY makes it to the foreign markets with their new hit Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style is a new video and song of the PSY-with catchy electropop sound, and new crazy dance and is currently ranked number one position on Youtube100 and currently has over 66 million viewers. The word Gangnam Style is trendy hippie “swagger” subculture in Soeul or PSY to say that Gangnam is what Beverly Hills is in America. How PSY said his intention was not to have its way in the world that creates and plays music only in their own country. But the media in the United States characterized this as a great place to hit K-Pop in the U.S. market. What will happen to remain to be seen again, but it proves that the power He played too strong and that it can sew and spontaneous. “He played point is not to create it, but how to respond to this opportunity,” as he points out Buzzmen. You can not chase the popularity of the Internet population as all costs, but should be assertive in a job you love, and when this opportunity happens you should be prepared in order to maintain that status.

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