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Crazy and Funny wake up people

Crazy and Funny wake up people

If you thought that you find it difficult to wake up, the experiences of these people will undeceive. In the footage you can see what it looks like standing up to the sound of firecrackers, with mousetraps on the ears or with a bunch of cans on it. Friends or partners certainly know how to surprise. The worst is when you experience the surprise while sleeping. We are not sure whether the men are the victims of awakening, be easy to forgive such raids. This sleeper will feel mousetraps to his ears. We can only guess how it feels when you wake up firecrackers, piles of ice that someone throws at you, or when someone is inserted into the pool.

Crazy wake water

Nobody in the world would not like to be awakened in such a strange and crazy way, would you like someone woke up and you have a going to look like.

wake snowballs from snow

Look at the video with crazy and funny awakening…..

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