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Crazy beauty products

Crazy beauty products

If you want to have lips like a duck, then this is the ideal product for you. This product is a mold of plastic that deforms to your lips and make duck lips. Crazy is not it.

Can you believe these crazy products to beautify your face and if any of you have these crazy products used.

crazy beauty products
This is the strangest of jewelry for your face and probably one of the most unpleasant of jewelry to wear.

crazy nail art
This is a machine with which you can not dry your nails that are smeared with paint polish.

Neck Stretcher
If your chin touches the collar bone easily, you may want this crazy device. This device works by placing it around the neck inflate it with air and your chin is up.

unusual nose correction
If you have a crooked nose this product can help you shape it your nostrils in breathing.

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