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Cute Chinese Crested Dog

Cute Chinese Crested Dog

If you are looking for glad, good-hearted creature who will generously provide all its tenderness, melt in your arms asking them about their dears eyes and giving her hands towards you, gentle love and follow you wherever you go, you can look forward immensely to wherever go back and sleep next to you as baby, then you’re in the right place, because we have a solution for you, and that is – Chinese Crested dog! fall in love into it until you blink!

Chinese Crested dog is a dog a unique look. Described as a pony that cash, or as a miniature lane. His neck is long, sleek and lean, slightly arched just like the ponies. Since there is no hair except on their feet at the top of the head and feathers on the tail, its skin is very soft to the touch. This dog also has a broad, deep chest. , Dark eyes show all the goodness of his personality. When watching the movement of the Chinese Crested dog, he is very graceful and elegant and looks as if flying through the air.

In addition the skin varieties, there is another called the Powder Puff, and his hair is long and soft .. Its appearance reminds the Afghan hound in miniature. Both varieties come in many colors, one color or dotted throughout the body. They have a wide skull and long muzzle. Both of these varieties may occur in the same litter.

Temperament: The most popular breed is hairless Chinese Crested dog. These dogs are sweet, lively, playful and smooth. Are incredibly loving and love to laugh and to hug. Are gentle towards children. Children should learn not to be rude to these dogs because of how friendly they are, because hairless variety has hair that would protect him as the other dogs, so it is very easy to hurt. They are companions that will entertain, are intelligent and very careful.

Puppies should be well socialized by exposing them to loud noises, noise in order to suppress potential timidity time. If they are not spoiled by their owners, these dogs can grow to be very adaptable dogs. They have the talent to perform tricks and are generally good with other pets. These are not dogs barking. Chinese Crested dogs love to run, to climb and sometimes to dig holes. They tend to be very attached to their owners and often find it difficult to adjust to the new. Chinese Crested crave for constant company. They are always friendly, energetic and playful. They are great family pets because they are very dear person. Some of them are known as singers or scream, while others are known as laugh. They are generally happy dogs, perfect for holding in her arms and open personality. Usually never sour. Chinese Crested dogs can be booked according to some people, because they choose their society and people who are linked. Most are related to those who provide them with maximum security and the dog will clearly demonstrate your attachment to that person.

The living conditions: the gentle easy you cause creatures to always carry in their arms, they are very active little dogs who need a daily walk. The game will need to compensate them for the exercise, however, as with all other races, it will not meet its primary instinct to walk. Dogs who do not regularly go for a walk can show many behavioral problems. They will also enjoy a good romp on the big, open space, without the leash, as a large garden. Do not assume that just because it is a small dog, he should be confined to a small area. The lifespan of these dogs is 10-12 years.

Grooming: Chinese Crested are very clean, no dog smell and are not susceptible to fleas or ticks. Powder Puff needs a lot more editing. It is recommended that daily brushing long, fine hair a Powder Puff, but it must be taken into account during the further shedding dog. Woolly undercoat begins if ignored. Hairless dogs must be regularly bathed and massaged with a little oil or cream, in order to maintain its elasticity. These dogs are almost do not shed and are great for people who suffer from allergies.

Uncovered skin requires special care in order to prevent problems and irritations. You should protect the cream that protects against the sun, as hairless dogs can get sunburn if their skin is protected from sunlight. Many Chinese Crested are allergic to lanolin and wool. Care should be taken care of their teeth to prevent their demise. They should not be given bones to chew as they often have incomplete dentition. Hairless dogs have turned the other way around ancient fangs or tusks, as they are called and in that specific. Powder Puff’s (long-haired variety of the breed) has normal teeth and breeders are hoping to improve the bite the skin varieties crossing with Powder Puff’s. Each hairless dog carries one gene for hairless and one for the hair, although the combination of two genes for the hairless fatal. Therefore, Powder Puff and Hairless puppies usually occurs in the same litter. You should not exaggerate with the feeding of this race, because if it does, they can become obese. They are good to live in an apartment. They are quite active indoors and can live without the yard. In cold weather should wear a sweater.

Where exactly encourage this particular race? The answer to this question is neither easy nor simple. There are a lot of debate, speculation and many, many stories. Chinese Crested dog appears in recorded history in the 13th century in China. The existence of these documents probably testify that the dog was there long time before they made these recordings.

Most accepted theory is that the Chinese Crested originated from Africa. The ancient Aztecs used them as bed heaters, and believe it or not, they ate them. Chinese trading ships stopped along the African coast on his travels and took the dogs because they were excellent rat exterminators to their ships. They were renamed the Chinese Crested, and to make a name in Britain were participants in zoo exhibit. Since there were no breeding program that would continue growing race, it was for a time disappeared from England. The first Chinese man is registered in the UK the 1881st Kennel Club then turned his attention (through standardization) into two distinct types of Chinese Crested dog. Deer and Cobby type.

All to 1984. Club has not given consent to make provision for a third type that is encountered in most litters, and this is completely coated Chinese Crested Powder Puff.

After Britain, this breed is coming to North America. The 1880th New Yorker Ida Garrett became interested in the race and is included in the breeding, exhibiting and writing about the Chinese Crested, more than 60 years. Ms. Garrett has shared his enthusiasm for the race to Debar Woods, whom he met in the 1920th year. Almost forty years, these two women have worked together to promote the race in the United States. Debra Woods started to enter data on all their dogs 1930th and 1950th This book was extensive enough that it could start registering Chinese Crested Dog Club and the establishment of Chinese Crested dogs. Lord Woods is jealously guarded this book until his death on the 1969th After her death, maintained a stud book Jo Ann Orlik of New Jersey. The 1979th established by the American Chinese Crested Club of dogs and these books are owned by them. Another person who was involved in the promotion of Chinese Crested around the world, was an American singer, dancer and entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee. Her sister is a Chinese Crested dog rescued from a shelter for dogs in the state of Connecticut and donated by Ms. Lee. She was so fascinated by this, it has become a breeder and protector of the Chinese Crested. It was noted that the most active dog kennel in the world of Chinese origin drawn from Crest Heaven and Lee bloodlines.

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