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Funny and artistic watermelon

Funny and artistic watermelon

It is time for watermelon, is now the best quality. In addition to being updated, this vegetable has a very favorable impact on health. And of course, two weeks ago, scientists have confirmed that they can be used instead of “Viagra” …   It is generally assumed that watermelon contains only water and refreshes when the heat. Lay people do not know that watermelons, besides fluid contains many vitamins and minerals and that contributes significantly to our health.

Yellow watermelon

Yellow watermelon is utterly the same taste and red watermelon. Yellow watermelon from the outside looks the same. The only thing is its yellow color and can influence you to not taste the same.

Watermelon is very suitable for food during the summer, because it compensates for the lost fluids, minerals and vitamins. New research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida showed that the amino acids found in fruits stimulate the flow of blood through the arteries of people who have high blood pressure.

Summer Olympic Games London 2012 Watermelons

Melon and gourd artists constantly inspire them to create something interesting and amazing. made on these watermelons are sports that are on the Summer Olympic Games London 2012. Of course you can try some other sport than your watermelon.

Tiger watermelon

This is a tiger watermelon seems to be some very angry with this combo but do not be afraid this is just a watermelon.

VW Bug watermelon

USB flash drive watermelon

Rage faces eating watermelon

Me Gusta expert watermelon

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