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Funny Cat tongue out

Funny Cat tongue out

Here you can see what they look like cat with tongue out, some of these cats are very funny and amazing. Here you can see how cats use their tongue and how their tongue looks.

Recognizing taste in cats must be quickly and accurately, because they can not chew food. Identifying tastes is necessary to determine the rotting food. Cat’s tongue is covered with rugged as papillae. Papillae located along the longitudinal center of tongue with small spikes pointing toward the body. These spikes are used for combing hair, removing meat from the bones of prey, but they are especially important in the care of newborns. Licking mother offspring improves blood flow. Bottom on the front of the tongue are used to determine the flavor, sour, salty and bitter. In addition, the tongue serves as a sort of bucket with drinking water.

When you drink liquid feline language is infused with lip underside, unlike say canine tongue.

cute little cat

Cat tongue out

Funny Cat tongue


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