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Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel

Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel

During the show Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel Johnny Depp got a couple of compliments on that leader warmly thanked – and kisses!

What was it that Jimmy said, and as Johnny made ​​you so passionate gratitude?

“Well, we all know that you have a very good … so I said … well, let’s be honest and open – you have a very nice person,” said Jimmy after which Depp smiled shyly and eyes dropped and then darted toward the leader, and kissed his cheek. Just when Jimmy was smiling going to continue the show, Johnny once again rushed and, surprisingly, kissed him on the mouth!


Jimmy, of course, sat in shock and trying to catch his breath at one point saying, “Now I do not know where I left off,” while the actor shyly repeating ‘I’m done, I will not! “But it seems that he lied because he was immediately then kissed her yet again, to the end!

“I got more kisses tonight but throughout high school,” said the head on this statement and Johnny followed up by saying “I”.

Like Jimmy, we do not believe that’s true, but Johnny insisted that the high school was not appealing to girls, not popular in society.

Johnny’s friend from high school is certainly bitter regret! Watch the video romantic moment between Johnny and Jimmy!

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